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We have two main areas of focus:

1.The church, school, and business operations in Boroma Village, Kono District, Sierra Leone, West Africa. Our work in Sierra Leone, under the leadership of Lisa Crone, continued for the 11th year. We employ 39 staff members and educate, feed and provide medical care to our 260 students throughout the school year. Support and training are also provided to 6 local churches with a total congregation of over 400 members. 

2. Purchase and delivery of wheelchairs to those in desperate need all over the world. Our wheelchair ministries, under the leadership of Troy Chesnut, forged ahead with over 10 trips the past 3 years. The VRDUR foundation purchased over 400 and delivered over 3000 wheelchairs to immobile people in places such as Sierra Leone, Mexico City, Vietnam, South Dakota, and Oaxaca. 

  • Initiate vaccination program (Hepatitis B & Typhoid) for students and employees. 

    • COST = $7,000​

  • Purchase new rompers for girls. 

    • COST = $4,000​

  • Purchase equipment and instruments for the church. 

    • COST = $4,500​

  • Obtain 50 new student sponsors. 

  • Provide support for missionaries and church plants. 

  • Add SSS 2 class. (11th grade)

Boroma VRDUR Primary School

Boroma VRDUR Church

Wheelchair Distribution 

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