Sierra Leone 

Our outreach arm is currently working in Sierra Leone, West Africa through the Boroma VRDUR Primary School and Church. We employ 23 staff members and educate, feed and provide medical care to our 140 students throughout the school year. Support and training are also provided to a local pastor and a congregation of over 200 members. 

Goals for 2019:
  • Start construction on another school building to accommodate the older classes
  • Expand to include Grade 6
  • Build a playground for the young children
  • Construct a soccer field and start a soccer league 
  • Expand farming and business activities
  • Take a medical team to assess all 123 children
  • Take a teaching team to train teachers and students 

Boroma VRDUR Primary School

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4820 E. University Odessa, TX 79762

E-mail: info@vrdur.com

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