What is in the name?

 The name SiONa reflects the science behind our product. It is the chemical acronym for the active ingredient: Sodium silicate or silicate of sodium [silicate= silicon (Si) + Oxygen (O); Sodium= (Na)]. Beyond the surface of the scientific acronym lies a richer meaning that symbolizes the true mission and purpose of our enterprise. SiONa is strikingly similar to the Hebrew word "Sion" (also transliterated to Zion), which means "an ideal harmonious community." This definition couldn't be more befitting because not only are we driven by the scientific validity of our product; we are committed to increasing the well-being, equality, and dignity of all mankind. Following from that objective is our vision: "to provide safe, effective, economical, and reliable health solutions that are backed by rigorous science and conducted in a moral, ethical, and caring way." We believe that our products can change the world and revolutionize the meaning of health care in the 21st century.


When did it all start?

SiONa was created approximately two decades ago in the heart of the Permian Basin of western Texas, USA, which is known for its abundant natural resources. The health promoting properties of SiONa were evident early on by reports of many individuals and corroborated by independent research conducted at leading scientific labs and universities across the world. These included: Texas State University, Anti-Cancer Inc. Lab, Pre Clin Onics Inc Lab, Stillmeadow Inc. Lab, and Texas Tech University.


Ten Benefits of SiONa

     1. Helps reduce harmful mutations

     2. Helps increase detoxification

     3. Helps manage blood sugar levels

     4. Promotes optimal brain function

     5. Promotes body's natural defense system

     6. Supports management of healthy body weight

     7. Facilitates promotion of optimal blood lipid levels

     8. Supports reduction of age-related conditions

     9. Enhances antioxidant defenses and reduces free radical damage

   10. Supports the immune system to eliminate pathogens from the body

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